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I’ve always had a strong connection to the land.  I grew up in the Central Valley of California and my parents were in the agricultural business so farming has been in my bones since I can remember. 

Across twenty years in the wine industry, I’ve held nearly every job in the winery from bottling line manager to cellar master to winemaker.  I spent fifteen of those years at Rosenblum Cellars where I fell in love with Zinfandel and had the amazing opportunity to work under Kent Rosenblum and Jeff Cohn.

My dream was always to have my own project.  I wanted to make wines that I love to drink, that reflect my style and that make my family proud.  I wanted a legacy to pass to my kids and to create something that would live beyond my years.

JCK Wine Company was born in 2014.  I founded the company with three distinct wines working with growers that I have known for many years.  Those strong relationships have allowed me access to some of the best fruit in Sonoma.  I plan to add more wines when the timing is right and when I find the right fruit.

Thank you for taking this journey with me and I sincerely hope you enjoy the wines.


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